Giardino Benessere

Brand Portrait: Giardino Benessere

Inspired by the forces of nature, the name of the Giardino Benessere collection stands for the beneficial properties of a stimulating wellness garden resplendent in fantastic blooms. Its influence on body and soul is both balancing and invigorating - and its naturalness reflects all facets of life's moods and stages. 

With Giardino Benessere, Paolo and Tiziana Terenzi create an olfactory wellness therapy for the spirit. Nature serves as their model, whose authentic values are preserved and translated into lively, expressive fragrances. Following the concept of "Chic Luxury", the perfumes of the Giardino Benessere collection do not unfold their personality by simply wearing them - they want to be lived through the personality of the person wearing them, in order to exude uniquely emotional moments with their inspiring character.

The Terenzi siblings are particularly concerned with the individuality aspect of their collection. In their study of fragrances, they repeatedly encountered the widespread need to emphasise one's own identity with a fragrance; to find something special, one's own, that does not correspond to the masses but entirely to one's own being. Following the artistic tradition of their family, which has been dedicated to perfumery for generations, Tiziana and Paolo Terenzi are devoted to the art of perfume creation. With the Giardino Benessere collection, they fulfil the desire for the greatest possible individuality and conceive fragrances whose profile allows them to be worn as a single perfume or in any conceivable combination.

The Giardino Benessere collection thus consists of a number of individual fragrances. Archetypes, each of which unfolds its effect as a solitaire worn in a wonderfully clear line. Their totality forms a rich palette of fragrances that can be combined with each other. The spectrum that emerges from this diversity seems inexhaustible and makes it possible to create an individual, intimate constellation of fragrances that follows one's personal mood, character and particular emotions. As a mirror of personality, Giardino Benessere fragrances thus become a special characteristic. They move outside the classical structures and do not stick to aesthetic criteria alone. Tiziana and Paolo Terenzi formulate the encouragement to follow one's own creativity and to create one's own melody from the harmonies of the Giardino Benessere collection. They embody the evolution of the art of perfumery: the Terenzi perfumers reach out to perfume enthusiasts and offer perfectly created elements for the creation of a unique, individual composition!