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By Terry

Brand Portrait: By Terry

Terry de Gunzburgs' "By Terry" is the name of the make-up line of make-up artist and mother of four Terry de Gunzburg and promises exclusive ideas that are far from ordinary. For her, a perfect and at the same time natural-looking complexion has the highest priority and at the same time becomes the credo of her line. To achieve this goal, the make-up artist goes unusual ways: for example, she micronizes precious stones such as rubies, sapphires, and natural pearls to give her products clear, luminous colors. Most recently, she launched the first water-resistant eyebrow corrector pencil.

Terry de Gunzburg is the grande dame of haute couture makeup, having designed cosmetics for Yves Saint Laurent for 15 years, and today she sells her own strictly limited line, as well as custom-made products such as Sarah Jessica Parker's lipstick in the "Sex and the City" series. All of their products have one thing in common: they are exclusive and high-quality - and Essenza Nobile is proud to be one of the few points of contact in Germany that is allowed to offer their treasures.

"Women have been waiting for this fragrance collection, which I have worked on for a long time".

With her products, she reaches women all over the world who owe their beauty to her to a certain extent and praise her to the skies for it. In 2012, Terry de Gunzburg also wanted to transfer her gained experience to the world of fragrances and created a total of five perfumes in a process that lasted about 10 years. She conducted her research in the most prestigious laboratories in France, and the exceptional quality of the fragrances seamlessly follows on from her success in the field of cosmetics. Ignoring all the rules of the industry, Terry de Gunzburg was able to create something that set new standards. The perfumers enjoyed all the freedom in the world when creating the fragrances, resulting in a refreshingly new and light-hearted touch. As befits a luxury brand, Terry de Gunzburg uses only the finest raw materials of our time, which are carefully selected and processed.

The goal of the fragrances is to "beguile the mind" and elegantly emphasize the individual personality of the wearer. For this reason, the perfumes adapt to each customer and playfully surround him. They are a kaleidoscope of inspiration and are among the products that make life worth living. When you choose a fragrance from the Terry de Gunzburg brand, you are reaching for a perfume perfected over 10 years of hard work, which will subliminally flatter you, bring out your chocolate side and showcase your natural beauty.