Goutal Paris

Brand Portrait: Goutal Paris

The bottles of her fragrances and her four Parisian perfume stores are decorated in a lavish baroque style that even Marie-Antoinette would envy: pleated glass, golden clasps, fine tulle nets, gold ribbons, hand-written labels and cream coloured walls rankly covered in golden ivy.The Frenchwoman Annick Goutal conveys a demanding, sometimes arduous message: she could never imagine doing anything else, other than to create beauty in some form or another. She finally decided on the fragrant beauty of perfume.After the exclusive but successful ?Eau d'Hadrien? and ?Eau du Sud" Annick Goutal has yet again landed a bestseller. In 1999 Annick Goutal died from breast cancer. After the death of her mother in 1999, Camille Goutal stepped in and took over the company. Supported by Isabelle Doyen, a close friend and associate of Annick Goutal. Isabelle Doyen created for the Annick Goutal a collection of fragrance classics such as Ce soir ou jamais, Quel Amour, vanilla Exquise, Songes, and Duel Mandragore.