Green + The Gent

Brand Portrait: GREEN + THE GENT

Green + The Gent from Munich, that is high-quality and effective care for the modern gentleman. Authentic, masculine and easy to use. Without hidden chemicals. With regional active ingredients and filled in sustainable packaging. Certified organic (Cosmos Organic/BDIH) and manufactured in small batches in Germany. Vegan, palm oil-free and not tested on animals. Specially formulated to meet the needs of men's skin. That means less oil, more moisture.

 More aloe vera, less water. Organic extracts of elderberry, ivy and hops as additional active ingredients. Fragrances "Gin" and "New Old School".

 All Green + The Gent products are:

+ Organic Certified

+ Vegan

+ Specially developed for men

+ Suitable for all skin types

+ Created with exceptional fragrances

+ Made in Germany