Acqua di Genova

Brand Portrait: Acqua di Genova

In 1853, the famous perfumer Stefano Frecceri has created Acqua di Genova for the House of Savoy. Quickly this fragrance became an irreplacable part of the morning rituals of any important contemporal. The members of all European royal houses were passionate users of Acqua di Genova. Personalities like Camillo Benso count of Bavour and Constantino Nigro, the minister of foreign affairs of that time, made no secret of the fact that they used Acqua di Genova to add some refinement to their public appearance. King Emanuele II was so fond of Acqua di Genova that he awarded Stefano Frecceri on March 28th, 1866, and made him appointed purveyor of the royal household. The fresh, noble, and sophisticated aura of this fragrance made Virginia Oldoini Contessa di Castilione, one of the great beauties of her time, fall in love with Acqua di Genova. Her style, her charming way and her brillant wit inspired both men and women. A lot of the women at the French Court idolized her and of course loved to use the Contessa's favourite fragrance. So Acqua di Parma became more and more popular and was practically showered with awards from all over the world.