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Sora Dora

Brand Portrait: Sora Dora

Sora Dora Parfums goes back to the unusual life story of perfumer Antoine Sora Dora.

Born in Portugal at the beginning of the 20th century, Antoine, who was already exceptionally introverted and level-headed as a child, evaded the wish of his devout parents to pursue a career in the church and instead set out to find his fortune in faraway France. The fine-minded young man, who had always been drawn to plants and scents, transformed the garden of his first sporadic lodging into a small paradise filled with colour and fragrance. His friendship with a local jasmine grower eventually laid the foundation for their first joint attempts to extract their own scented oils. Even after the death of his friend, Sora Dora continued this passion and finally composed his first perfume. The passion for fragrance accompanied him throughout his life, and he passed it on to his children and descendants. Today, Sora Dora looks back on four generations of successful perfumery and a select collection of exquisite fragrance compositions. Sora Dora dedicates the seven fragrances in the 2021 collection to its founder Antoine, who found the courage and strength to realise his dream and thus laid the foundation for the fragrance house's existence today.