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Brand Portrait: Odur

ODUR means fragrance in Romance.Furthermore,it is a fragrance creation and a beautiful story of two friends who promised each other at a young age to cultivate their friendship for life. Their Grisons roots, the power of the Grison mountains and their shared passion for fragrances have accompanied and united the two for decades. They began an exciting and never-ending journey into the world of fragrances for Patrick Stebler and Claudio Zier.

"We wanted to create a connection to our roots in Graubünden, to our friendship and to nature." "We want to create a strong, distinctive and natural fragrance that contains at least 20% essential oils and lasts a long time." This has resulted in four fabulous fragrances, which for once do not come from the great world metropolises of fragrances, but from the imposing mountains and valleys of the Swiss Grisons. Sophisticated, passionate, unique - ODUR PINUS, ERVAS, CALMA and TERRA.