Bogue Profumo

Bogue Profumo: Vienna Philharmonic for the nose

Once a year, Basenotes, a world-leading Internet portal for fragrances, calls its readers to the virtual ballot box to select the best perfumes in the "Basenotes Reader Awards". In 2015, the chypre perfume MAAI by Bogue Profumo was voted best niche fragrance of the year in the category "Best Niche/Artisanal Fragrance". The renowned perfume critic Luca Turin is also full of praise and gave Bogue Profumo an extremely flattering accolade - with a succinct comparison: "It's like sitting in the front row of the Vienna Philharmonic after listening to nothing but ring tones for two months".

Brand Portrait: Bogue Profumo

While Antonio Gardoni travels around the world collecting rare and unusual resins, woods, roots and metals which he dissolves in alcohol. The essential oils he uses for his fragrances he extracts with steam destillation. 
Antonio Gardoni prefers to work on his fragrances at night, when the scents of the day and the bright light cannot disturb his work. He creates modern and extraordinairy fragrances by using ancient methods. As he is an architect and designer by profession, he thinks in several layers and levels and adds his destinct perception to his work. For him, fragrances are rooms to explore with their very own mood, colour, and consistence...