Acqua Alpes

Acqua Alpes: The mountain calls

The best ideas sometimes come during a hike. For example, that of the alpine perfume house Acqua Alpes: In the summer of 2012, Lara Balacco and Daniel Deutsch set out on a hike through the Tyrolean Alps. They breathed fresh glacier air, passed flowering meadows, through which gushing mountain streams flowed... and enjoyed the magnificent mountain scenery. How about immortalizing these intoxicating impressions in scents? The idea for Acqua Alpes was born. Of course, it could have stayed up there, in the mountains. But the two hikers took her down into the valley... and made their dream come true.

Brand Portrait: Acqua Alpes

Acqua Alpes is an Austrian niche brand founded by Daniel and Lara Balacco in 2012. According to the brand?s own words "It is by no means surprising that the idea of ??Acqua Alpes was born in the middle of nature. Point of time? Summer 2012. And the place? The breathtaking landscape of the Tyrolean Alps. Lara and Daniel wandered through this area, which has always exerted an irresistible attraction on them. They love the air which is wonderfully fresh thanks to the glaciers, the pure high mountain water flowing through flowering meadows, and the intense blue of the sky. And during this hike they began to talk about how beautiful it would be to transfer these unique sensations to their fragrance creations. It could have been that the idea had remained there in those mountains. But when Lara and Daniel returned to the valley, they decided to believe in their dream and make it their life."