Brand Portrait: HUNQ

The gardener, the barman, the carpenter, the mechanic, the lifeguard: the Amsterdam niche fragrance house HUNQ defined archetypes of masculinity - and created tailor-made fragrances for each of them.

An exciting undertaking - and a project in which archaic archetypes and instincts, scents and passions react with one another as in a chemical reaction... sometimes harmonizing, sometimes exploding.

The founder and creator of HUNQ, Hyun Yeu, went in search of the ultimate men's fragrances and filled them into perfume bottles. His memories of the smells of people, objects or even appointments played a decisive role. Hyun Yeu explains the concept of HUNQ perfumes as follows: "We fantasise about certain types of guys, and we imagine their scents. It’s all about the chemistry."

So what does a fragrance with the name Carpenter smell like? It is certainly not surprising that wood notes are particularly present in its base. It is similarly obvious that a perfume called Barman has fruity and brandy aromas. But how did HUNQ interpret the male archetypes of the gardener, the mechanic or the lifeguard?

Exploring this with your own senses, dear gentlemen - is the exclusive prerogative of your nose. Feel free to use it generously!

The archetypal men's fragrances by HUNQ: Made in France. Bottled in Grasse. Imagined in Amsterdam.