Brand Portrait: HUNQ

If we learned anything in chemistry class at school, it is that contact between two chemical substances can trigger a reaction. A reaction triggered by a smell can desire, excite and even transcend time as we know it.

The founder and creator of HUNQ, Hyun Yeu, was on a quest to find the ultimate men's fragrances and simply bottled them. But what does a man smell like? And if it somehow doesn't smell good, would I wear it? Yes, you would and you will. We fantasise about certain types of men and
we imagine their scents. It's all about chemistry and that's where the pheromones come in.

Hyun's search for the scents of the male "archetype" was fuelled by his own memories of the smells of people, objects, first dates and the endless variety of perfume ingredients. Not your conventional blend of ingredients, yet so surprisingly delicious.
A process that has so far produced 5 fascinatingly beautiful fragrances. An infinite study and more to come: not only for men, but also for women.