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Brand Portrait: Somens

Somens' fragrances are inspired by the history of mankind, describing careers and life journeys, beginnings, dreams and goals. In collaboration with the best perfumers in the world, the Spanish fragrance house Somens, based in Barcelona, develops creations based on precious raw materials that tell complex stories. As creations that delicately bring to life moments and memories and seem to awaken our sixth sense, Somens' fragrances call us to tell and spin our own personal story. With an enthusiasm for life and love, for people, cultures and art, Georgina Ripollès, an experienced perfumer, founded her own label Somens. Her character is reflected in the creations of the house, whose name Somens is made up of the three words Sophie (wisdom) Mundial (the world) and Essence and has stood for a personal, boundless journey through the world of fragrances ever since it was created...