Brand Portrait: Somens

Somens' luxurious perfumes capture the essence of one's origins and tap into memories that emanate from our roots.

They tell of people from all places, childhood memories and cultural migrations. Somens creations tell the story of our origins and the evolution into the individuals we have become today.

A life journey told through the fragrance worlds of Somen's Essence.

The Spanish perfume house draws inspiration from the best perfumers in the world, who use their expertise in fragrances and the best materials to create some of the most amazing creations.

Somens explores moments and moments that are subtly represented by the finest fragrances, capable of awakening our sixth sense and telling our own personal story.

The name Somens is a composition of 3 words:
SO (Sophie-Wisdom)
M (Mundial/World)
ENS (Essence-Phonetics)