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Brand portrait: Lalique

Lalique - the name, of course, stands first and foremost for crystal, and for the diverse, unforgettable "Art Nouveau" glass works of art and jewelry created by the company's founder René Lalique; but the company's history has always been closely linked to that of the perfumery industry as well. René Lalique designed beautiful perfume bottles for the great houses of the industry, and in particular, he worked closely with François Coty in the early 20th century. Houbigant, Molyneux, Roger & Gallet and Worth - they all had perfume bottles designed by René Lalique in their assortment in the 1920s/30s. The creative spirit of Art Nouveau united art and industry in the service of perfumery.

The history of Lalique

Time jump: almost half a century after his death, René Lalique's granddaughter Marie-Claude decided in 1992 to enrich the world of beautiful fragrances with her own Lalique perfume line. From the very beginning, Lalique Parfums promised to be an exciting synthesis of exclusive, luxurious perfume creations and virtuoso, traditional crystal glass craftsmanship. At the heart of the Lalique Parfums concept was the creation of high-quality perfumes by the best perfumers, who were given a free hand in selecting the noble raw materials required for this purpose.

A squad of the best perfumers in the world

And so the list of names of the hand-picked perfume creators who have composed perfumes for Lalique over the past 20 years reads like a "Who's Who" of the master league of perfumers: Jean-Claude Ellena, Maurice Roucel, Emilie Coppermann, Dominique Ropion, Béatrice Piquet, Nathalie Lorson, Christine Nagel, Gerard Anthony, Bertrand Duchaufour - to name but a few. "The house perfumer" therefore does not exist at Lalique (unlike many other brands). Rather, over two decades, Lalique Parfums has entrusted a wide variety of top perfumers with the task of creating perfumes worthy of the great name "Lalique". As you can see (or rather smell), with often outstanding results....

After the release of the celebrated first Lalique fragrance, Lalique de Lalique, Lalique Parfums started early (since 1994) to launch special limited editions - an annual event always awaited with much anticipation by collectors around the world. And Lalique Parfums rewards their patience time and again with exquisitely designed annual flacons that are second to none: coveted collector's items full of beauty, visual grace and noblesse.

Lalique collector's flacons for ladies only?

Originally dedicated exclusively to the house's female perfumes, male perfume variants were also given the honor of being released in the form of the coveted collector's flacons from 1998 onwards. The precious perfume bottles, elaborately designed with great attention to detail, are not only a challenge for the artisans of the House of Lalique, but also a welcome opportunity to excel in the supreme disciplines of their guild and - from the sophisticated design of the smallest details of the flacon body to the creation of brilliant miniature sculptures - to create small masterpieces. Always unmistakably inspired by the artistic spirit, style and heritage of René Lalique... that century-old artisan who, according to Henri-Georges Clouzot, was blessed with the gift of "making the world shiver with beauty."

Over 20 years of perfume art

The superior quality of the fragrance compositions and the special attention paid to the design of the perfume bottles have given the Lalique Parfums brand its very own outstanding status in the perfumery world for 20 years now - a special prestige fed by a rich fund of time-honored craftsmanship and brand tradition on the one hand - and a fascinatingly modern impulse on the other, coupled with an irresistible aura of pure luxury.