QMS Medicosmetics

Brand Portrait: QMS Medicosmetics

QMS Medicosmetics is an iconic brand in the field of luxury skincare that focuses on clinically tested products with collagen. Their skincare system addresses the causes of skin aging and deficits, bringing the skin to its best form. Collagen, the key protein for the skin, is produced less by the body as we age. However, external application of skin-identical collagen can help maintain the functionality, elasticity, and firmness of the skin. QMS offers beauty sets and bestsellers for a perfect skincare routine. They have also won the World Spa Award three times in a row.

QMS Medicosmetics is a brand that was developed for the professional field of medicine, rather than cosmetics. They focus on addressing the causes of aging skin, not just the symptoms. They use collagen and hyaluronic acid, which are naturally produced by the body but decrease with age. QMS products are designed to be absorbed well by the skin and stimulate its renewal. The formulations are clinically tested and deliver moisture and activate the skin's metabolism. QMS products are available through the brand directly or at top spas and cosmetics institutes to ensure professional guidance and regular skin condition check-ups. QMS has been a collagen specialist since 1994 and offers high-quality, sustainable skincare routines. The brand provides continuous support through top beauty experts worldwide. The treatment concept includes four phases: repair, rebalance, build up, and complete. QMS collagen products can be found on their website.

 QMS Medicosmetics offers high-dose cosmetics with active ingredients based on science, rather than miracles. Their products are medically based, scientifically developed, and clinically proven. They use skin-identical collagens to address skin issues and promote overall skin health. Unlike other cosmetic products, QMS Medicosmetics comes from the medical sector and aims to investigate the cause of skin troubles and tackle them at the roots. They use skin-identical collagen and hyaluron, which are essential for anti-aging. QMS focuses on everyday skincare for everyone and is known for its high effectiveness. They offer treatments such as the Classic Treatment and Lifting Treatment, which provide visible results and a pampering experience.