Brand Portrait: Isabey

Founded in the year 1924, Isabey perfumes launched its first luxurious shop in Paris at 20, rue de la Paix after the famous painter of the romantic age. The perfumes are designed exquisitely and come in beautifully crafted bottles created by Julien Viard. The aesthetic and attractive packaging together with the delicate fragrance makes it a wonderful combination that has made the brand a renowned one in the history of French perfumes. The various fragrances launched under Isabey name have romantic names like l?Ombre de Carthage, Le Lys Noir, Chypre Celtic and La Route d?Emeraude and remain till date as references in the French perfume field.

The perfume brand is considered a refined and high quality perfume and has been distributed widely in the United States. The brand established by Maurice Loewe is known widely as Le Parfums d?Isabey after the famous painter Isabey. The perfumes created here are the most spectacular and luxurious presentations and have been exported in considerable amount to the USA. Acquired in the year 1942 by Marcel Guerlain, the perfume was awarded gold in the 1925 Paris Exhibition, when it was barely a year old. The long established and well valued perfumes from Isabey exhibit refined and high quality French artistry.