Masque Milano

Brand Portrait: Masque Milano

The Opera of life in four acts

In every single scene of an opera, some of the actors alongside the leading character, as well  as  the  element  of  the  setting  are  changing.  In  the  same  way,  in  our  lives  we  can change the ?mask? (our look, lifestyle, friendships, the tone of our voice or the register of our  discourse)  yet  we  could  never  part  from  our  innermost  humanity.  With  Masque Fragranze, Alessandro and Riccardo do not intend to create a myth, a best-seller, a onesize-fits-all  perfume  for  everyone.  Rather,  they  aim  at  creating  a  collection  of  perfumes with a soul. Each one unique. Perfumes to wear like a second skin. Which will became the perfume behind the mask. As there is no such a thinkg as an actor able to interpret every possible role ? nor a musician able to play in a credible way every single musical style ? there could be no nose able to represent every single scene of the opera. The fragrances of Masque are to be created with a soul, and the nose appointment is to give life to our scene. Hence, every scene will have ?its? nose. Personal encounter with the nose. Here  at  Masque,  the  journey  for  the  creation  of  a  new  fragrance always  starts  from  a personal meeting with a nose. Simple yet important deeds: visiting the artist?s lab, listening to the tale of his or her personal life and professional experiences, analysing the approach to perfumes concoction and smelling the best creations. And then describing our visionary project, offering a collaboration, appointing him or her to the creation of a new fragrance ? that of the most appropriate scene.