Brand Portrait: Adjiumi

Inspired by his own love of special fragrance creations, Cristian Cavagna founded the group of Italian perfume lovers in 2005. Since then, admirers of olfactory treasures have been reviewing, recommending and marvelling at unusual perfumes from all over the world in a specially created forum under the name Adjiumi. Connected by this common mission, Adjiumi today stands for exchange, pleasure, passion and competence. On the occasion of Adjiumi's 15th anniversary, founder Cavagna designed a fragrant homage not only for the members of the group, but for all admirers of perfectly shaped fragrances. Dolce Q.B. appeared in 2020 as the first fragrance of the Adjiumi label, and the following year Cavagna presented Elevato al Cubo, his second Adjiumi composition. Andy Warhol's Pop Art, Coco Chanel's straightforward colour spectrum and lines by the writer Émile Zola can be found in the complex perfumes made from exquisite raw materials of this house that was created in such an extraordinary way.