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Marken Portrait:

It all started in 2009 with the creation of the perfect leather jacket. Since then, tigha's mission has evolved beyond simply making leather jackets to something much bigger: making high-fashion and progressive designs accessible to a wider audience. Year after year, the young brand reinterprets classics - jackets, outerwear, shirts, jeans - by giving them a modern twist. This is about more than just the clothes themselves. The entire product range is an expression of freedom, self-confidence and independence. Ultimately, Tigha is a lifestyle with international aspirations that is simultaneously anchored in the world's most dynamic and exciting urban centres. This identity is reflected in "THE DARK SIDE" - the first Eau de Parfum by tigha - for those who want to set themselves apart fragrance-wise and bring out their dark, provocative side.

Discover THE DARK SIDE now - a mystery within itself that provokes with its strength and at the same time is so attractive that you can't resist.