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Kanchaveli: Luxury Soap Collection

Kanchaveli offers a unique and exceptional collection of luxury soaps that provide an extraordinary sensory and meditative experience. The brand's philosophy revolves around the idea that bathing is more than just cleansing and hygiene; it is a form of meditation that stimulates the body and mind. The soaps are carefully crafted to develop their distinctive charm over time, offering a completely new fragrance experience that defies categorisation. A soap in such luxurious packaging is unique and has been created for people with the highest aesthetic standards.

The creator of Kanchaveli soaps is dramaturge Bidzina Kanchaveli, who is responsible for many film projects as well as the world-famous Tom Klark fragrances.

The fragrance compositions of the soaps are secret, because they should be able to develop their full evocative power without the fragrance concept being broken down into individual notes. The fragrance experience should not be demystified.

The scent of Kanchaveli soap is versatile, unusual and strange and arouses spontaneous interest and curiosity. It unfolds in a pleasant way after the first application, with new notes emerging on the following days, offering a pleasant and meditative experience. The brand's aim is to evoke memories of carefree, playful days and bring the scent of childhood to the skin to create a truly unique and nostalgic aroma

All soaps are vegan, palm oil free and plastic free. The soap is PETA certified and contains special natural ingredients such as almond oil, jojoba oil and activated charcoal. Kanchaveli soaps are a genuine Made in Germany product.