Brand Portrait: Liis

The reverently admired perfume treasures of their childhood, collected as sparkling jewels in boxes, laid the foundation for Alissa and Leslie's fascination with fragrances, which was to form their joint label Liis in later years. Dreamy and sensual moments in which stories woven from plots and emotions can be experienced, carefully captured in fragrance, are created here in collaboration with a master perfumer from consciously selected, high-quality ingredients. Handcrafted in small batches of exceptionally high quality, animal-free, hypoallergenic and allergy-tested, Liis presents an outstanding and exclusive fragrance concept in every aspect. Just like their founders, Liis fragrances originate from California. Composed and produced free of preservatives, dyes, phthalates and sulphates, the gender-neutral perfumes brought to life by Liis invite you to let your senses wander and indulge in your own interpretations. Ice flowers in a white winter sky, the flair of a secluded Californian artists' village, a carefree summer day free from obligations and the moment of sparkling inspiration bathed in light all form into moments of fragrance in Liis' collection, inviting the senses to travel with them. Inspired by the precious treasures of her childhood, aesthetically designed flacons of translucent glass encompass Liis' compositions and, with elegant white accents, capture the floating lightness of the aromas hidden within. An inspiring, at times hypnotic arrangement, Liis fragrances exude an inimitable magic that lingers on the skin with a sensual lightness, solemnly enacting the magical influence of perfume's power to evoke memories and create moods.