Markenportrait: Alexandre.J

Perfume jewels with a shimmer of Belle Epoque

Welcome to Alexandre.J's sparkling treasure trove! The French designer is a passionate lover of art and culture - and inspired by the creative spirit of noble creations. Whether perfumes and bottles, watches or accessories: with his diverse ideas and imaginative creations, Alexandre.J leaves a distinctive mark in the world of luxury.

The exceptional designer has a special passion for perfumery: ever since the launch of his first perfume line in 2012, he has been pouring his creativity into the world of fine fragrances. In doing so, he consciously leaves the codes of traditional perfumery behind - and gives expressive form to his very own vision of beauty. Its secret lies in the combination of extraordinary fragrances and packaging designed with great attention to magnificent detail.

As part of his creations, Alexandre.J works with a wide variety of materials - from pearl ornaments to mother-of-pearl bottles to enamel medallions. His creative process is clearly influenced by his multicultural inspirations - but also by the courage to do the unexpected: Alexandre.J also collaborates with artists from other genres to create something new, outstanding and surprising.

Alexandre.J is an uncompromising architect of materials, able to breathe life into objects - which in turn evoke emotions. With his passion and fascination for multiple creative processes, history and craftsmanship, he creates unique, timeless pieces.

The perfectionist designer is eager to learn, a researcher and explorer in the world of beauty - always looking for the new and special. And this search is never finished. It is an eternal expedition in which the journey is often the destination itself.

The fragrances from the Art Nouveau collection are undoubtedly among his most beautiful perfume jewels. The noble perfume quintet was created in exclusive collaboration with the London luxury department store Harrods - and is a real visual treat: The opulent, hand-blown glass bottles are characterized by finely gilded patterns and stylized animal depictions, which reflect the incomparably beautiful mysticism and aesthetics of the Belle Epoque and Art Nouveau.