Aura Perfume (Bijon)

Aura Perfume: Search for treasures - or create them yourself

What began as a search for the one holy grail among fragrances with its own perfume composition today unites under the name Aura Perfume fine-spiritual arrangements that embody olfactory phenomena far more than mere fragrance. In collaboration with the world's most renowned noses like Cecile Zarokian, Aura Perfume creates fragrance treasures from precious aromas, whose unifying element is the subtle radiance of their mysterious halo appearance.

Brand Portrait: Aura Perfume

Aura Perfume takes the art of evocation to a new level. Aura Perfumes are symbolic and meaningful - each of the creations carries an insignia representing the perfume's embodied aura.
As a soft shimmer, as if made from light, their sounds, in addition to the skin, also envelop the personality of their wearer with a graceful, translucent-light presence, forming a distinctive flair of hypnotic aesthetics.

Behind the fragrances, Aura Perfumes are made of selected raw materials of exquisite quality and the unmistakable signature of the perfumers, whose artistic expertise enables fascinating and extraordinary fragrance experiences. Transparent yet perceptible as a sublime fragrance and multisensory expression, the secret of her Aura Perfumes creations lies in the inscrutability of light-soaked energies.
Confident creations like A.E.O.M. (All Eyes On Me) evocate a sense of inner strength and morally consolidated determination, the silky clean Aura Sublime is composed of delicate notes, the captivating fragrance Gwen, whose beguiling sounds unfold in a rich extract, and the strikingly vibrant virile tones of TestoX embody this haunting magic of Aura Perfumes.

Stimulating and enigmatic - these perfumes are jewels of perfumers' art, inviting you to wrap yourself in their unique sounds and enjoy the impressive effect of their luminous beauty. Truly a collection that will lure your senses into a deep addictive trap that makes it impossible to get off the hook once snapped.