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Panouge Paris

Markenportrait: Panouge

Rare Pearls from the City of Love and Light

The Panouge story begins in Paris in the early post-war period: in 1946, the Lavarenne Paris company was founded. The French perfume house specialized in creating fine Eaux de Cologne. Panouge Paris would later benefit from the wealth of experience gained during this period.

Timeskip. The year is 1984. Panouge Paris was born, a new perfume brand with roots stretching back to the Lavarenne Paris era. Its name is an acronym of “PArfums NOUvelle GEneration”. The first of those "new generation perfumes", Business Man, became an instant success.

The most famous fragrances by Panouge Paris also include Kenizé (1988), Return (1990), April Forever (2000), Indifférence for Men (2006), Perle Rare (2013), Cedarstorm (2013) and Sandstorm (2014). Panouge Paris also developed perfume compositions for renowned designers and luxury brands such as Jacques Fath, Isabey and Masaki Matsushima.

In 2015 the first perfume of the selective Panouge line Perle Rare, Perle Rare Homme, was released. The fragrances Perle Rare Black Edition (2016), Perle Rare Rose (2018), Perle Rare Nuit (2018) and Perle Rare Gold (2019) followed.

The name of the exclusive collection, with which Panouge Paris enters the sparkling stage of Haute Parfumerie with its own luxury fragrances, goes back to the women's fragrance Perle Rare launched in 2013 - but at the same time, it refers to Paris, that "rare pearl" among the big cities of the world.

Paris is also the main inspiration for the luxurious fragrances of the Perle Rare collection, which, by the way, came into being thanks to a stroll through Paris by the Panouge creative director. While strolling through the streets of the French capital, past the Opéra and Place Vendôme, she came up with the idea of a perfume collection that breathes the spirit of Paris from the first to the last note: Perle Rare!

She opted for a neo-classical design - and noble materials that exude elegance and sophistication with a touch of trendy style. The leather in which the fragrance bottles are wrapped is a symbol of Parisian luxury codes - and the shimmering glass of the heavy flacons is a reference to the "City of Lights".

For the composition of the perfumes, the House of Panouge chose the perfumer among the fragrance virtuosos of Grasse who can probably be considered the "most Parisian" among them: Raphael Haury! Who, if not him, could fill the spirit of Paris in the noble bottles of Panouge Paris?

With Perle Rare, a precious perfume collection was born that carries the heart and soul of Paris - an invitation to the senses to wake up, find harmony... and indulge in great and unique emotions!