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Brand Portrait: Allpresan

At home in the world of foam cream care: the Allpresan brand includes three product lines with innovative foot care products.

Current studies show: The dry skin of diabetics not only lacks lipids and moisture, its barrier function is also disturbed. This makes it easier for dangerous pathogens to penetrate - and the risk of cracking and infections increases dramatically, especially on the feet. That is why the new Allpresan diabetic foam creams with repair effect are now available!

Allpresan foot special is the product line and stands for solution-oriented foot care with a system: It contains products for general foot care of sensitive to very dry skin and nails as well as special products for problem areas such as calluses, cracks, sweaty feet and fungal diseases.

The Podoexpert by Allpresan products set quality standards: they contain the patented BarrioExpert LIPO2 skin repair technology, which ensures rapid repair and sustainable regeneration of the skin barrier.