V Canto

Brand Portrait: V Canto

Since more than 700 years, the Terenzi family is living near the ancient Castello di Gradara, which may be counted among the important historical places of Italy. It is a family of travelers and adventurers which settled here between the beautiful hills, the woods and the Adriatic.
It is a place where you can experience history and its secrets tangibly - between the high walls of the castle, which were formerly defended by the ancestors with their lives. Grown up there, the siblings Paolo and Tiziana Terenzi are strongly rooted in this place and its history.
However, this site did not only inspire the Terenzi family to extraordinary masterpieces. Already 700 years before, the famous poet Dante Alighieri was inspired by this place to write his masterpiece "La Divina Commedia" - passion, love, sin, virtues, vices are the essences of true humanity with all its ups and downs which Dante has captured on paper.
Inspired by the Divine Comedy and the mystical places that are described in it, Paolo and Tiziana Terenzi created the V Canto collection. It is a fragrant journey in ten stages that describe Dante?s streets of the soul.
These are highly emotional fragrances - that lead us deep into the heart of our soul.