Brand Portrait: OHTOP Paris

OHTOP is a French-Korean brand founded in Paris in 2023 by Romeo Oh. OHTOP is an innovative niche brand focusing on connecting individuality with physical identity. It explores the creative links between fashion and beauty through its perfumes and skincare products.

The brand believes in the power of simplicity and sophistication. Its minimalist approach to perfume creation and packaging design reflects its commitment to understated beauty. Romeo Oh says, "My goal is to create an olfactive wardrobe that complements and personalizes a silhouette, giving it a dreamlike dimension, a final touch that envelops the attitude and allows the true nature and style to manifest."

The perfume collection from OHTOP is emblematic of a dreamy universe driven by French savoir-faire. The perfumes are innovative and international with unforgettable original signatures where the selected notes fuel olfactive balances.