Brand Portrait: OHTOP Paris

As a reflection of one's own personality, OHTOP's artful, straightforward compositions are more than just fragrances. Launched in 2023 under perfumer and stylist Romeo Oh, OHTOP's scents are the logical extension of his cosmetics line of the same name, which was founded in 2019. For his high-calibre, minimalist arrangements, Oh relies on close collaboration with prestigious fragrance artists. Together, they create aesthetic concepts of unobtrusive beauty that focus on the intensified perception of the personal silhouette. Closely interwoven with OHTOP's cultural heritage and contemporary influences from fashion and art, the elegantly designed fragrances of the young perfume house are created. Romeo Oh sees them as individual stylistic devices and clothing statements whose selected nuances emphasise and underline the characteristics of one's own identity, while their aromas merge with the skin as lively, innovative harmonies. OHTOP's straightforward, calm creations combine the aesthetic finesse of an extraordinary feel for current trends with subtle references to Oh's Korean roots and the beguiling flair of his Parisian homeland. Carried out into the world from the artist's showroom, the signatures of the OHTOP fragrances Fleur D'OH, OHsphalte, Green Flannel, I Hate Rose and Paranoïaque, which have their origins in the lively zeitgeist, capture the senses as unadorned dream worlds. Wrapped in clear lines, the bottles and packaging of OHTOP's fragrances, designed down to the last detail, fascinate with their gracefully formulated aesthetics and complete OHTOP's expression of perfect, discreet elegance.