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Brand Portrait: Gravel Cologne

A fragrance that looks back over the decades to a vibrant past. Since its creation in 1957, Gravel A Man's Cologne has seen trends come and go and has always remained true to itself. A perfume that, like the Gravel stones in its bottle, stands the test of time.
Michael B. Knudsen, is the creator of Gravel A Man's Cologne. He faced numerous challenges to realize his dream of creating his own men's colognes. In the 50's, men did not use perfume. This was considered "feminine." Knudsen wanted to create a fragrance, a classic, a cologne that would be both distinctive and timeless. He wanted a perfume whose scent, design, name and appearance formed a unity, and yet was so special that it could overcome all the preconceptions about men's fragrances of the time. It should remain in the memory of everyone who once held it in his hands. This unconditional demand for quality down to the finest detail, led to a power- and time-consuming development process, in the course of which the project "A Man's Cologne" was several times on the verge of failure. The result was a fragrance of such excellent quality that the production price far exceeded that of an ordinary perfume. Knudsen was now faced with the problem that classical marketing seemed impracticable. Gravel was therefore one of the first perfumes to be sold only to exclusive retailers and through direct sales. It is therefore considered a co-founder of niche perfumes in the USA. It is solely due to Michael Knudsen, his persistence and passion for this fragrance, that Gravel A Man's Cologne, despite all adversities, was successfully realized and continues its success story to this day.