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Markenportrait: Pantomime

Pantomime Perfume designs opulent stage sets in whose leading roles extraordinary synthetic raw materials unfold enveloped by accentuating natural fragrances. Founded in 2023 under creative director Jeroen Oude Sogtoen and head perfumer Fredrik Dalman, the perfume house stands for the sensory exploration of exciting olfactory contrasts. With expansive fragrances that embed the pure characteristics of synthetic materials on a selected arrangement of natural ingredients, a fascinating interplay unfolds, from which unexpected textures of intoxicating depth emerge, moulding themselves into detailed stories, emotions and memories. Pantomime's compositions play with a contrast of the inscrutable and lucid clarity, from which feelings and scenes artistically clothed in fragrance emerge. Finely tuned details and artfully orchestrated sounds create incomparably atmospheric compositions that open the doors to new dimensions. In currently five acts, the olfactory settings of Pantomime Perfumes fragrances always pay particular attention to the select quality of all the raw materials used and the individual story told by each creation. The tiniest nuances reflect moods and invite us to explore and analyse what is visible and what is hidden. A surge of memories and feelings, an invitation to enter the stage and embody one's own role - uniquely atmospheric, Pantomime Perfume opens the curtain and stages the most personal of all plays without words.