Farina 1709

Brand Portrait: Brand Portrait: Farina 1709 Eau de Cologne Original

Farina 1709 is one of the oldest fragrances in the world. It is designed by Giovanni Maria Farina and given the name Eau de Cologne by him. He christened it as Cologne in honor of his native town. The company and the perfume shop were established in the year 1709. The scent according to Farina reminds him of spring time in Italy and the rain drenched daffodils and orange blossoms found in the mountains.

The scent refreshed him greatly and also fired up his imagination and senses incredibly. The glorious perfume is for use by both men and women. The main accords include citrus, green, floral, aromatic and fresh spicy. The eau de cologne has orange, lemon, bergamot, citron, floral, lime, grapefruit and herbal notes. The top notes of the perfume pyramid contain bergamot, citrus, lemon and mandarin with heart notes that show violet, jasmine and galbanum.

The base notes emitted contain musk, sandalwood, olibanum and cedarwood fragrance. The opening notes of citrus later blend with Neroli and then with Rosemary in the base that give an earthy scent that is reminiscent of the musky and resinous fragrance of Clary sage. Though many imitations have since then been produced, the original cologne fragrance has retained its perfume notes perfectly intact.