Germaine de Capuccini

Brand Portrait: Germaine de Capuccini

It was in 1964 that Carmen Vidal, a fierce, energetic, and vital woman, launched her great creation: Germaine de Capuccini. The beauty secrets she had learned in her childhood in Algiers and the cosmetic techniques and savoir-faire she had acquired in Paris would become the signature of one of the most important professional skincare companies in the world.

"Beauty is power, it is charm, it is above all a personal mindset, a spiritual quality" Carmen Vidal. At the service of beauty Germaine de Capuccini is devoted to beauty and the needs of women who place themselves in the hands of their beauticians, trusting them to care for and treat them special, unique and irreplaceable because they are. The values of Professionalism, innovation, and social responsibility, especially with women, are the values that best define Germaine de Capuccini from the beginning.

50 years of the Swan in the world The swan, invented and designed by Carmen Vidal, perfectly symbolizes what Germaine de Capuccini cosmetic products offer to women: Elegance, poise, beauty, pureness. The swan has become one of the most cherished and valued legacies of the company. A symbol that has developed graphically over the years and that has crossed the borders of more than 80 countries.