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The Harmonist

Markenportrait: The Merchant of Venice

The Harmonist brand was conceived with the aim of helping people find their balance through fragrances.

These fragrances are designed to encourage the wearer to become mindful, have confidence in their senses and achieve harmony with themselves and their environment. The development of these fragrances was a long dialogue between the founder, Lola Tillyaeva, and the renowned perfumer Guillaume Flavigny.

This process was driven by qualities, imagination and admiration for each other, and ran on instinct and intuition, leaving enough time to explore one's own personality. Our fragrances combine the refined art and knowledge of Paris with the contemporary style and narratives of Los Angeles, finding balance in the contrasts.

They are the result of opposing forces - spiritual and physical, light and dark, ancient and modern. Made from ethically sourced raw materials, they are designed to enlighten the person wearing them, revealing and highlighting their true self rather than what they pretend to be.