Dusita Parfums

Brand Portrait: Dusita Parfums

In Siamese culture, the word Dusita translates loosely to a heavenly realm here on earth ? a place where one can find peace and contentment. Pissara Umavijani, the founder of Parfums Dusita, believes that her fragrances are a way to bring people closer to this heaven on earth, and ultimately to spiritual fulfillment. 
She is also deeply inspired by her father, the critically acclaimed poet, Montri Umavijani, whose poetry reflected his own desire to attain a higher plane of spiritual peace. Pissara sees her fragrances as a way of picking up the baton from her father and continuing his quest, but through the art of fragrance rather than through poetry. 
Pissara, or Ploi as she is colloquially known, grew up in Thailand. A young artist with a passion for fragrances, she began creating her own perfumes when she was very young, and dreamed about creating her own maison de parfum in France, the holy grail for most perfumers. In 2011, she achieved this dream by moving to France, setting up her own perfume atelier, and working with a fragrance laboratory in Grasse to produce her first set of perfumes. 
Using only the very best raw materials and with a focused, artistic direction, Ploi has managed to produce five perfumes of such unparalleled beauty and accomplishment that the fragrance world was rocked to its very foundation. Critical acclaim was quick to come, and with it, enormous commercial and social media success.
Essenza Nobile is delighted to announce that its customers can now purchase these amazing works of art through its website. We say welcome to the brand and to its amazing creator, Pissara Umavijani!

Essenza Nobile® Interview with Dusita Perfumer Pissara Umavijani