Acqua di Portofino

Acqua di Portofino: Fragrances that could hardly be more Mediterranean

Portofino is a tiny fishing village on the Italian Riviera. Situated on the edge of a quiet bay and surrounded by the lush green of a Mediterranean forest, the picturesque village with its boat harbour and colourful house facades is known as the pearl of the Riviera. Some even consider Portofino the most beautiful fishing village of the Mediterranean region. One of these people is undoubtedly the perfumer Francesca Casiraghi, who has even dedicated her own perfume series to the picturesque village of Acqua di Portofino. Acqua di Portofino is the essence of everything we love about the Mediterranean - a collection of fragrances that could hardly be more Mediterranean.

Brand Portrait: Acqua di Portofino

Acqua di Portofino makes the most mediterranean fragrances you can think of. They are fresh and full of life and remind you of great holidays, having dinner outside with friends, fresh oranges and all the other sensations you have once witnessed and will never forget. 

Portofino is a noble holiday resort at the Ligurian coast - for decades this original fishing village has enchantet everyone. Francesca Casiraghi has decided to make a fragrance of all the memories, the spirit and the feeling of this special place and so to appeal to our olfactoric memory. These fragrances literally tell stories, about the glistening sea, the fishing boats in the sundown... classical, elegant, fruity and fresh notes are united in these enchanting fragrances.