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Clean Reserve

Brand Portrait: Clean

Clean: meaning pure, simple, straightforward, familiar, contemporary
Founded in the USA in 2003, Clean is a line of fragrances inspired by the simple but pleasing beauty of a bar of white soap. Understated and fresh, these fragrances are meant to fuse with the scent of one?s own freshly-showered skin or a white t-shirt.  Simple, pure, clean scents for a world that is anything but, the Clean line is in conscious contrast to most other niche and designer fragrances.
Each of scents of Clean can be layered with each other, thus opening up a myriad of new and different scent experiences!
But Clean is not only a name - it is also a promise!
So, not only is the packaging made of 100% recycled, sustainably-produced cardboard but it is manufactured in certified eco-friendly factories. The bottle is made of type III recyclable glass. None of the Clean products are tested on animals, and none contain animal by-products. They are therefore eminently suited to people living an eco-friendly or vegan lifestyle.