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Brand Portrait: Schwarzwald 

Premium Organic Skincare



In harmony with nature, the luxury brand SCHWARZWALD develops highly effective, bioactive and certified skincare products for the skin, which with their ecological skincare formulations, silky textures and pleasant scents will delight even the most demanding anti-aging fans. The active profiles of the 9 products, whether that of the Star Concentrate MOOSROSE, the rich Day Cream KÖNIGSFARN, the Luminosity Hydrogel MORGENTAU or the Detox Night Cream MONDSCHEIN, are systematically coordinated with each other and act like a natural elixir of life that provides regenerated, radiant skin with natural glow.  

The products' shared DNA is based on the SCHWARZWALD COMPLEX: Instead of ordinary, purified water, this contains Black Forest spring water (minerals) and grape water (anti-oxidant) as well as the anti-aging and moisture management trio of moss, fern and lichen.  

Each of the 10 natural cosmetics products is sustainable down to the smallest detail, i. e. ecologically and climate-neutral, manufactured and already now awarded with the highest quality Ecocert seal, namely Ecocert Organic Cosmetics. Thus, the primary containers are made of recycled milk glass, the overpacks of handmade recycled paper.  

Furthermore - except for the serum MOOSROSE (Helix Aspersa Müller) and the lip balm WINDHAUCH (white fir honey) - every product of SCHWARZWALD Premium Organic Skincare is 100% vegan and approved by the oldest and most renowned veganism organisation, the British "The Vegan Society".