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Der Duft

Brand Portrait: Der Duft

The creator of The Scent, Anselm Skogstad, is a Munich-born German-American artist and photojournalist who attended the San Francisco Art Institute and the School of Visual Art in New York. He has worked with renowned photographers such as Christopher Makos and David Lachapelle as well as Magnum Photos, which laid the foundation for his artistic career. Anselm's fascination with fragrances began at a young age. His family was impressed by his ability to distinguish different fragrances and his sensitivity to them. As a teenager, he started collecting perfumes and the combination of olfactory and aesthetic beauty has always fascinated him.

While on assignment in Asia, a passion for fragrances was further ignited by a friend in Hong Kong. It may have been the combination of the environment and the exotic scents of Asia that motivated him to explore a new artistic territory. A stay in Grasse, the centre of perfume art, gave him a deeper understanding of perfume making and creation. During his projects in America, Europe, Africa and Asia, Anselm developed a photographic style that captured the essence of people, their lifestyles and abstract concepts. This thinking was then transferred to his perfumes, with each fragrance name evoking individual stories or personal memories.

The brand name The Fragrance and the minimalist presentation allow exclusive focus on the essence of the fragrance.