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SBT - Sensitive Biology Therapy

Brand Portrait: SBT Skincare

SBT SENSITIVE BIOLOGY THERAPY - Synergy of Dermatology and Cosmetics

A new era in skincare: activating life in the skin cells SBT activates the skin cells to naturally produce more anti-aging molecules, such as collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid from the cell itself. For the first time in cosmetics, every SBT cream is based not on the water, but on CellLife Serum. Identical to the cellular nutrient fluid in our skin cells, CellLife Serum guarantees an around-the-clock supply of essential components that precisely meet the needs of our skin cells.

  • Result: a biologically young skin. From the inside out.
  • Cell production: collagen and elastin production is stimulated, for firmer skin and visibly smoothed wrinkles.
  • Cell resistance: redness and irritation are reduced.
  • Cell regeneration: + 100% cell renewal *.

Results confirmed by high-level tests conducted by independent institutes on more than 1,000 test subjects with aging and sensitive skin.

*Cell renewal rate ex-vivo: CellLife Serum vs. placebo (Hamburg research): Cell-identical care is perfectly tolerated by sensitive skin even when highly concentrated.