Kevyn Aucoin

Brand Portrait: Kevyn Aucoin

Those who knew him up close or from afar agree - Kevyn Aucoin is hailed as perhaps the most influential make-up artist of our time. There is no doubt that Kevyn's technical skills were unparalleled. But his philosophy and penchant for celebrating individuality are what set him and his art apart in an industry so prone to norms and traditions. At a time when the world of make-up artistry was impersonal, distant and unattainable, Kevyn was the first to welcome beauty enthusiasts backstage. Kevyn Aucoin made it his mission to share his techniques with anyone who wanted to learn them. In his best-selling books - The Art of Makeup, Making Faces and Face Forward - he made his methods accessible to millions of people. In these books he revealed the secrets of his art and taught the application of makeup step by step in his own words. These "make-up bibles" are timeless must-haves for today's artists and beauty consumers.