Les Senteurs Gourmandes

Brand Portrait: Les Senteurs Gourmandes

In 2000, the society Laboratoire Laurence Dumont created Les Senteurs Gourmandes, a unique range of perfumes featuring sensuous, generous notes that match the rich heritage of one of France’s most emblematic regions, Gascony. These unforgettable landscapes inspired Laurence Dumont to bring you its deliciously warm perfumed compositions.

Vanilla, an emblematic raw material, makes a subtle or intense appearance in each fragrance for the sheer pleasure of your sensory perception.

Affirming their identity as true perfumes of emotion, Les Senteurs Gourmandes offer four generous and distinctive families : « Traditional Vanillas » will be appreciated by vanilla lovers with their warm and rich fragrances inspired by nature; « The orchard” offers its fruity notes of the South of France, « Childhood memories » call up familiar fragrances inspired by revisited sensations, and « Travel Diary” takes you on a voyage of discovery to distant shores with its sweet scents of elsewhere and unknown. Each fragrance has a story to tell, a special moment to give and a hidden memory to awaken in us all…

The fragrances are declined in complementary products : voluptuous shower gels deliciously perfumed and enriched with active moisturizing, and smooth texture body lotions that soften the skin; all for a delightful beauty ritual.