Ramon Monegal

Brand Portrait: Ramon Monegal

Ramon Monegal - that stands for the experience and  the feelings of 35 years as a master perfumer. He represents the fourth generation of the prestigious house of Myrurgia,the official purveyor for the Spanish Royal Family and the most important perfume manufacturer in Spain. We are proud to present this essential collection, which enables to understand Ramón Monegals soul, heart and olfactory language.
The collection consists of 14 unique scents, timeless and everlasting. Of course, only the best raw materials by the most famous suppliers have been used, in addition Monegal has an extensive range of natural extracts, raw materials and molecules that only are in his possession - this makes his fragrances outstanding and truly unique, as noone else is able to produce fragrances like Senor Monegal. Ramón's expertise allows it to create unique masterpieces of art in highest quality. The fragrances are produced in directly in the company in Spain, even the bottle in the form of an inkwell is produced by hand there as well. Senor Monegal wants to guarantee the unique shape, feel and appearance - and that is only possible under his direct control.

Discover his breathtaking collection now and experience true quality again!