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Brand Portrait: BioEffect

It is the ultimate signature of masculine elegance. Light-heartedly elegant Roman chic with unique Italian know-how. The clear aesthetic language from the glorious era of Cinecittà. Tailor-made clothing with a modern, sovereign touch, as is the trademark of Brioni worldwide. Tailoring legends since 1945.

From Hollywood stars to statesmen, Brioni's prestigious clientele has made the boutique at 79 Via Barberini in Rome a legend. And all over the world, the unique combination of elegant nonchalance and premium quality makes its wearers legends.

Brioni presents the perfect accessory to its legendary garments. The final, invisible but irresistible touch for a perfect outfit. A masterfully composed fragrance whose coordinated notes express well-being, confidence and deep emotional connection, just like a Brioni suit.

The fragrance of a modern legend: Brioni Eau de Parfum.