Floris London

Brand Portrait: Floris London

The very first Floris products were the individually tailored fragrances made by Juan Famenias Floris in the back room of the shop. The Floris range rapidly expanded and at one point there were well over 100 fragrances on sale including the many made to measure fragrances. Throughout, the Floris name has been synonymous with desirable, superior products where craftsmanship and quality is paramount.

The origins of some of Floris's best loved fragrances have very particular stories, for example: Special 127 was produced especially for Russia's Grand Duke Orloff in 1890 and following his death took its name from the page number of the 'Specials' formula book which it occupied. The gentleman's fragrance, No 89, simply takes it name from Floris's Jermyn Street premises.