Brand Portrait: Cilamour

Eyelashes are more than just a protection of the eye. They should be voluminous, long, strong and beautiful. In order to help without artificial extension, eyelash serums have become indispensable in many cosmetic bags.

CILAMOUR - which was developed out of love for eyelashes - now bundles the latest research results on eyelashes.

An eyelash serum for the perfect moment as well as decorative cosmetics, based on the latest scientific research and entirely in keeping with the times: natural, vegan and effective. For beautiful eyelashes with impressive volume.    


You ask: Another active serum that lengthens and perfects the eyelashes? Where are the benefits of CILAMOUR compared to others? 



Latest generation eyelash serum  

  • Thanks to modern research technologies, scientists were able to gain new insights into the growth and regeneration of eyelashes.
    CILAMOUR was developed on the basis of this knowledge coupled with user suggestions.  
    A new type of eyelash serum: highly effective and at the same time natural and vegan. With a patent-pending formula that is unique in the world. An effective product - especially for the sensitive eye area.    


Effective & Natural - No artificial turbo, but gentle effect thanks to natural ingredients.  

  • Red Clover & Mung Bean - Protects and strengthens cells  
  • Biotin (vitamin H) - Strengthens hair structure and stimulates metabolism  
  • Zinc - Prevents hair loss    


Vegan recipe of all products  

  • More and more people live vegan and do without animal products in their beauty routine.  
    CILAMOUR is therefore exactly in line with the trend: as tested and confirmed by THE VEGAN SOCIETY, all products are free of animal ingredients. The associated vegan label gives users security: the internationally recognised and protected quality seal can be found on the entire range.    


Complete renunciation of hormone derivatives

  • Many eyelashes rely on hormone derivatives that interfere with the body's estrogen balance. Free of such replicas, CILAMOUR also chooses the gentle way here.
    Without artificial turbo and with pure nature. For conscious users who take care of themselves.   



  • Without classic preservatives
  • Without EDTA (drinking water protection)
  • Without raw materials from mineral oils
  • Without silicones and on EO/PEG/PPG based emulsifiers.