Thameen London

Brand Portrait: Thameen London

Born from a deep-rooted love of precious fragrance oils, Thameen London presents a play of light of the finest jewels translated into perfume. Thameen's founder Basel Bin Jabr's enthusiasm for exquisite, self-composed fragrances was passed on to him by his father. In his presence, Basel Bin Jabr roamed the markets, visited perfume oil sellers and witnessed the combination of the finest essences. Thameen's creations show this generations-long passion for the art of perfumery. With a special talent for melodious arrangements, he creates fragrances, each of which is a tribute to Basel Bin Jabr's father. Bin Jabr christens his label Thameen - "precious" - a name that could not be more aptly chosen for the collection of his high-class fragrance arrangements. At all times, all facets of his fragrances have been designed to meet the highest standards of quality, aesthetics, ethics and ecology. In the years since its launch in 2013, Thameen has enjoyed great success, expanding into select luxury department stores worldwide. The iconic royal blue bottle has become the brand's flagship and epitomises the concept of exquisite elegance, which extends as a unified impression of precious beauty from the raw materials to the fragrance concepts to the look and appearance of Thameen. Beguiling, world-famous jewels serve as inspiration for the house's collections. Like these momentous jewels, the historical treasures in Thameen's Treasure Collection and the Sovereign Collection dedicated to the British Crown Jewels tell living stories. Artfully arranged, they gently evoke memories and spark deep emotions.