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Mihan Aromatics

Markenportrait: Mihan Aromatics

Mihan Aromatics, a Melbourne-based fragrance brand, originated as the idea of Julia Brown and Josh Mihan. Developed in the midst of their London lives, this brand is their nostalgic ode to the distinctive scent of their Australian roots. Mihan Aromatics prides itself on its collection of natural and aromatic fragrances that embody the essence of Australia's unique flora and fauna. The fragrance palette ranges from the gentle oriental notes of Guilty Story to the woody hints of Mikado Bar. These carefully crafted fragrances suit any occasion, creating an aromatic backdrop for a range of characters and emotions - from sorrow to hubris to harmony. With gender-neutral fragrances, Mihan Aromatics not only fills the air with its unique scents, but also tells a story of its home country, making the brand a true product of Australia.