Brand Portrait: SoapRocks

Nourishing soaps in luxurious guise - SoapRocks combines unconditional aesthetics with a skin-caring formula and the highest quality standards in its gemstone soaps.

What began in 1991 as a makeshift solution when Todd Pink - artist and later founder of SoapRocks - rather accidentally put together soap scraps, today follows a mature concept. His idea to create soap artworks, which came about through the blended soaps, was followed by seven years of intensive study. Soap boiling, the most diverse compositions, the necessity of certain ingredients and the conscious renunciation of others. The understanding of their complex interplay formed the basis for the creation of own soaps. Using valuable essential oils and herbs, mixed with high-quality ingredients and reduced to the essentials, a recipe was finally created that forms the basis of all SoapRocks soaps. Vegan and gluten-free, biodegradable and free of animal testing, Todd Pink created a mild, particularly compatible base for his SoapRocks that is suitable for all skin types.

Today, SoapRocks soaps are produced by a group of artists using the recipe developed by Todd Pink. In an elaborate process, their select ingredients are handcrafted into bars of soap whose appearance deceptively replicates that of actual gemstones and quarts. Essential oils, chlorophyll, iron, zinc and mica are used to create effects that form the individual characteristics of different gemstones embedded in each bar of soap, creating soothingly nurturing one-of-a-kind pieces in a variety of grains, colour intensities and shapes.

In addition to their caring characteristics and their extraordinary appearance, the SoapRocks gemstone soaps are characterised by their particularly pleasant feel. The experience of holding a fragrant jewel in your hands and feeling the creation of filigree foam with gentle movements is a precious sensual experience. The mild foam of the SoapRocks soaps created in this way is suitable for sensitive, even allergic and scarred skin and offers a variety of different application possibilities: whether as a nourishing shower with simultaneous moisturising, as a make-up remover that cleanses the delicate eye area without irritating it, as a hair shampoo for sensitive scalps, for shaving and, of course, for daily skin cleansing. The moisturising, gentle formula of SoapRocks forms a cleansing skin care product whose application meets the highest standards.

The outstanding properties of SoapRocks soaps stem from their strict selection of high-quality ingredients. Exquisite olive, sweet almond and jojoba oils are combined with highly effective vitamin complexes and moisturising glycerine of plant origin. With the addition of precious medicinal plant extracts, they bind the cleansing and soothing properties of aloe vera, calendula, camomile and lavender. As biodegradable solid soaps, SoapRocks are always germ-free and bactericidal thanks to their alkaline surface. They are therefore manufactured free of preservatives to naturally touch the body and senses.