Brand Portrait: Coola - Organic Suncare

Healthy Sun Protection You Will Love to Wear!

Located in sunny San Diego, COOLA continues to inspire and pave the way in the suncare industry. Tirelessly striving toi make every customer a stisfied one, COOLA  offers high performance sund and skincare products that are both delicte and luxurious enough to complement everyone's daily skincare regimen - from head to toe.

The unique formulations include:

  • Farm to Face
    COOLA believes in sourcing and formulating their products with up to 70%+organic ingredients that promote local communities and jobs, cut down on the costs of long distance shipping, and reduce usage of pesticides which contaminate our waterways, environment and bodies.
  • Antioxidant Enriched
    Protect and correct with COOLA's free-radical fighting antioxidants like Acai Fruit Oil, Red Raspberry Seed Oil, Linseed Oil Extract, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil and Cocoa Seed Butter.
  • Plant Protection
    COOLA incorporates plant phyto-protectors into all of their products. These ingredients, sucha s Plankton, Red Algae and Red Raspberry Seed Oil (among others), have innate sun protection qualitites that help boost our sunscreen's SPF value naturally. They also allow COOLA to limit the number of FDA approved active ingrediens used. Fewer active ingredients diminish the risk of irritation and increase the lightweight texture of COOLA's premium formulas. 

COOLA -Collections:

COOLA has three unique collections:  

  • The award-winning Classic and Mineral sun protection products,
  • the world's best Ecocert COSMOS Organic Sunless Tanning line
  • and the recently launched Beauty series, which offers delicate and effective sun protection for everyday use.

The formulations of all products offer different solutions for different needs and skin types.