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Brandportrait: Zeromolecole

Family history expressed in olfactive experiences.

There is this tiny but sophisticated nest for jewelery and perfumes at the Piazza Gran Madre in Turin, called "Maitre Parfumeur" - The headquarter of Stefania Marzufero Bonis' heart. In this small boutique she works with essences to create her compositions and is also surrounded by the masterpieces of the world's greatest noses of niche perfumery. Stefania, a woman who was in love with fragrances from her beginning.

With Zeromolecole she created a beautiful small range to capture special moments, places and people in precious fragrances. A very intimate collection that can become very personal: It shall reflect your own personality and help you to identify parts of yourself you might not know already. The wordplay "Zeromolecoles" (which means "No Molecules") references to this deep personal growth, which is untouchable by nature. This fragrant ideas have been born and developed in the shadow of the Mole Antonelliana building, the symbol of Turin. A collection of original fragrances created to deeply conquer you.