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Brand Portrait: Lengling

We deal with them almost every day, they enrich our lives or challenge us: the small and big contrasts. They make the special moments in our lives unique and refine them to something very personal.
Inspired by the fascinating moments of perfect balance, these seven Extraits de Sentiments were created as a soulful, ambivalent perfume collection. They know how to combine the contrasts of life in theirself - full of harmony and balance - elegant, authentic and extremely sensual.
The perfect moments are always the result of a perfect balance. What applies to love and life should also hold true for very special fragrances.
In the perfumes of Lengling there are always two contrary fragrance notes, which are a striking contrast to one another. On the skin, they build a perfect harmony - a higher state of being...
Each of the seven precious Extraits de Parfum of Lengling's Extraits de Sentiments collection tells a real and very personal story.