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Dr. Dennis Gross - Skincare

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Brand Portrait: Dr Dennis Gross

In New York's upscale 5th Avenue, right next to the famous Central Park in Manhattan, resides one of the USA?s leading dermatological institutes, the renowned Dr. Dennis Gross Dermatology.

Its founder - Dr. Dennis Gross - is a dermatologist and dermatological surgeon. He is the creator of the award-winning line named Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, inspired by the skin care needs of the institute?s patients and the result of over 25 years of practical experience.

Dr. Dennis Gross is nationally recognized as a specialist for anti-aging, skin health, and skincare. The New Yorker is also known for his expertise in the detection and treatment of skin cancer. He has conducted extensive research on skin cancer, including clinical studies at the prestigious Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Experienced in the treatment of visible signs of aging, uneven skin tone or blocked, enlarged pores, dry skin and acne, Dr. Gross has seen and treated every possible skin complaint under the sun, and so he has had the opportunity to study and analyse these skin problems and devise effective, customized skin care regimes to address the problem.

Dr. Gross uses only the latest technology and active ingredients that have passed extensive peer review research and rigorous testing. He is a fan of powerful yet gentle ingredients such as natural antioxidants, plant extracts, and vitamins. The brand does not test on animals, and has been certified as cruelty-free.

Dr. Gross himself defines his approach as follows: "I evaluate scientific data to find the most effective ingredients. Every formulation is unique. My goal is to use cutting-edge technology in all of my products and to provide patients and consumers innovative skincare options that offer visible results. You may not be able to visit a dermatologist every day, but you can use the same formulas I use in my practice."

With its sophisticated premium skincare, developed by Dr. Gross over the course of years, the Dr. Dennis Gross line boasts highly effective, clinicially-proven skincare formulas that are perfect for use at home.  Thus clients, by using the same products that Dr. Gross himself uses in his Institute, can achieve the same effects as if Dr. Gross were visiting them personally at home.