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Electimuss - Emperor Collection - Gladiator Oud

ElectimussEmperor Collection - Gladiator Oud

445,00 €
4.450,00 € per 1 l

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Head Notes
Saffron accord, Cumin seed Oil
Heart Notes
Honey accord, Geranium oil Egypt FOR LIFE LMR, Hay Abs LMR, Immortelle Abs Balkan LMR
Base Notes
Oud Oil LMR, Patchouli Oil Indonesia FOR LIFE LMR, Ambre gris accord, Cedarwood Oil Atlas, Vetiver Haiti For Life LMR

Electimuss - Emperor Collection - Gladiator Oud

Rome, capital of the Roman Empire, almost 2,000 years before our time. The mood boils in the Colosseum; the Roman amphitheater is a bubbling cauldron. The audience is in turmoil and ecstasy. With good reason - for today a huge spectacle is imminent: the gladiator fight of the year!

Exuberant cheers and frenetic chants echo through the Colosseum. There! The time has come! The two swordsmen step onto the hot sand of the arena. Armed with sword, helmet, belt and shield, they stride towards each other with heavy steps. Strong. Determined. Stoic. Martial. Their outfit flashes in the sunlight, their eyes sparkle, telling of pride and danger, heroism and pugnacity. Each of the two heroes knows: Today could be his last day. But this prospect does not scare them - it stings and stimulates them!

For the last time, the two battle-hardened opponents ask for the help of the gods. Then the swords cross. The crowd goes wild. The sword fight begins!

The fragrance

For Gladiator Oud, perfumer Julien Rasquinet was inspired by an archetype that has held a place in ancient Roman society for centuries: the gladiator! Formally at the bottom of the social hierarchy, the most successful of those iconic swordsmen enjoyed a high degree of admiration among the citizens of Rome - and they regarded them as the epitome of Roman male virtues such as courage and bravery, defiance of death and the will to win.

In this extraordinary composition, each fragrance note has a special reference to the perfume's theme, the gladiator fight: cardamom combines with the coolness of Egyptian geranium to create an impression of steel and strength. The sea treasure ambergris evokes the elemental saltiness of combat.

Warm accents of hay, cumin and Haitian vetiver capture the heat and drama of the sunlit gladiator arena. The noble essence of agarwood Oud and fine cedarwood oil bring noblesse and elegance to the fight - while saffron and honey symbolize the glory and the golden shine of victory.

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